A biography of Stevin john house: A complete guide.

Stevin John House

Many people are famous for their businesses, field, and home. I want to tell this article about a Stevin john House. Stevin John, better known by his alias Blippi is an American children’s entertainer and educator on YouTube and Amazon Video. Stevin John started the youtube channel in 2013. Stevin made the Character of Bilippi, and his youtube channel was born.

Who is Stevin john?

John Stevin’s full name is Stephen J. Grossman, and his nickname is Alias Blippi. Stevin John was born May 27, 1988, as Stephen J. Grossman. His age is 34 years old. Stevin John has birth sign is Gemini. Stevin John is the only nationality of a country that is American. Stevin John House is in a pretty neighborhood of Los Angeles called Toluca Lake. He is a YouTuber and social media influencer.

Moreover, the area offers a lot to do and is near many loss Angeles attractions. Stevin John is a YouTuber for children, with nine billion views on your YouTube channel. Stevin John, before the YouTuber, was in the United States Air Forse. 

Physical appearance:

  •  Stevin john’s height is 5 feet and 8 inches.
  • Stevin john’s weight is 72 KG.
  • Stevin john’s eyes Color is light green.
  • Stevin John’s hair color is Brown.

Early Life:

Stevin John is a YouTuber who made his channel on youtube in 2013. Stevin John spends their life in childhood. His parents are not mentioned anywhere and never go to college. Stevin is an educational YouTube channel for the specialist of children up to seven. He is a professional Youtuber and children’s entertainer and educator. In Washington, Stevin John grew up surrounded by tractors, horses, and cows. He is a former US air force. Stevin is a fun educational youtube channel mainly doing kid-friendly content to help them learn numbers, letters, the alphabet, and so much more.

About Stevin John House:

Stevin John’s house is located in America. Design by Abel architecture, this luxury house is beet on a site by it is possible to protect the ecosystem as soon as possible. . The total Area of the Stevin john house is 4000 square feet space. The house has five rooms, seven bathrooms, a TV launch, and a big hall. The Stevin Blippi house’s kitchen is huge, comfortable, well furnished, and well decorated. All rooms are spacious and airy. The house has a beautiful garden and a big swimming pool in the front of the house, a hot tub, and a large patio.

Specification of the house:

  • Five Bedroom
  • Seven washroom
  • One Tv launch
  • One Big Swimming pool
  • Total Square Feet: 4000
  • The price of the Stevin john House is $5 Million
  • Stevin john’s house Address is a pretty neighborhood of Los Angeles called Toluca Lake.

Net Worth:

There is nothing information about the property of Stevin john. Still, it has been estimated that his total property of the Stevin john is $10 million to 16 million dollars.


Stevin John is known by his Allias Blippi, his American children’s entertainment and educator on YouTuber, HULU, and amazon videos. The Character of Stevin john portrays a childlike, energetic, and curious person. It is always dressed in a blue and orange beanie Cap, blue shirt, orange suspender, and bow tie.