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Steve Will Do It Net Worth:Biography

steve will do it net worth

Steve Will Do It was born on August 26, 1998, in Oviedo, Florida. Before fame, Steve began posting challenge videos on Instagram in 2017. His content often involved extreme eating and drinking challenges, quickly gaining traction for their sheer audacity and entertainment value. In May 2019, he joined the NELK Boys, and his subscriber count skyrocketed.

Steve Will Do It’s net worth is estimated at $5 million. Here are some other interesting facts about his wealth and income. He earns an annual income of $250,000 from his social media accounts, brand endorsements, and sponsorships. Steve Will Do It has his clothing brand, Happy Dad, and has partnered with alcohol companies. He is a content creator on YouTube and Instagram, with over 4.12 million subscribers on YouTube and 3.6 million followers on Instagram. He has invested in real estate and cars, including a Lamborghini Huracan Happy Dad Edition, a Ferrari 455 Spider, and a McLaren.He has also invested in NFTs and has released his own NFT collection. His net worth is expected to increase due to his successful business ventures and investments.

Stephen Deleonardis, widely known as “Steve Will Do It,” has carved a niche for himself in the world of social media and content creation. Known for his outrageous stunts, challenges, and vlogs, Steve has amassed a substantial following on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. As a prominent member of the NELK Boys, a Canadian-American YouTube group famous for their pranks and party culture videos, Steve’s popularity has only grown over the years. But beyond the antics and viral videos, many are curious about Steve Will Do It’s financial standing.

Here we discuss Steve Will Do It net worth, real name, wife, age, profession, income streams, personal life, girlfriend, Who is Celina Smith? and parents.

Real Name

Stephen Deleonardis

Who is Steve Will Do It?

Stephen Deleonardis, popularly known by his online alias “Steve Will Do It,” is a renowned YouTuber and social media influencer. Known for his daring stunts, extreme challenges, and larger-than-life personality, Steve has gained a massive following. He is a prominent member of the NELK Boys, a YouTube group famous for its prank videos and party lifestyle content. His channel features a mix of outrageous eating and drinking challenges, generous giveaways, and collaborative pranks, making him a favorite among fans who enjoy high-energy and unpredictable entertainment.

Steve Will do it age

Steve Will Do It, whose real name is Stephen Deleonardis, is 25 years old. He was born on August 26, 1998.

Steve Will Di It, Parents

Steve Will Do It, whose real name is Stephen Deleonardis, has kept much of his family life private. His parents have not been prominently featured in his social media content, and he has shared limited information about them. This decision helps maintain a level of privacy amidst his public and often very revealing online persona.

Steve Will Do It, wife

Steve Will Do It, whose real name is Stephen Deleonardis, is not married. He is, however, in a well-known relationship with Celina Smith. Celina is an Instagram model and social media influencer who frequently appears in Steve’s videos and on his social media channels. Their relationship, marked by its on-and-off nature over the years, has been a significant part of Steve’s personal life and content. Despite being a public couple, they have managed to keep many details of their relationship private, focusing on their careers and shared experiences.

Steve Will do it as a profession

Steve Will Do It, whose real name is Stephen Deleonardis, is primarily a social media influencer and content creator. His profession encompasses several roles:


Steve is best known for his YouTube channel, “SteveWillDoIt,” where he posts a variety of content, including extreme challenges, vlogs, and pranks. His outrageous stunts and larger-than-life personality have earned him millions of subscribers.

Member of the NELK Boys

Steve is a prominent member of the NELK Boys, a popular YouTube group known for their prank videos and party lifestyle content. His association with the NELK Boys has significantly boosted his fame and following.

Social Media Influencer

In addition to YouTube, Steve has a strong presence on other social media platforms like Instagram. He leverages his large following to collaborate with brands and promote products, adding to his income through sponsorships and partnerships.


Steve is also involved in merchandise sales, particularly through the NELK Boys’ Full Send brand, which is known for its highly sought-after clothing drops and other branded items.

Income Streams

Steve’s net worth can be attributed to several income streams

1. YouTube Revenue

Steve’s YouTube channel, “SteveWillDoIt,” has millions of subscribers and billions of views. The ad revenue from YouTube is significant, given the high engagement rates and consistent upload schedule. Additionally, sponsored content and brand partnerships contribute a considerable amount to his earnings.

2. Merchandise Sales

As a member of the NELK Boys, Steve benefits from the group’s merchandise sales. NELK’s Full Send brand has a dedicated following, and their drops often sell out within minutes, generating substantial revenue.

3. Sponsorships and Partnerships

Steve frequently collaborates with brands for sponsorships. His large following and high engagement rates make him an attractive partner for various companies, ranging from energy drinks to lifestyle brands.

4. Social Media

Apart from YouTube, Steve has a strong presence on Instagram and other social media platforms. Sponsored posts and partnerships on these platforms also add to his income.

5. Investments

While less publicized, Steve may also have investments in various ventures, including stocks, real estate, or cryptocurrency, which contribute to his overall net worth.

Estimated Net Worth

Steve Will Do It’s net worth is estimated to be between $4 million and $5 million. This estimation takes into account his earnings from YouTube, merchandise sales, sponsorships, and other ventures. The dynamic nature of his career, coupled with the expanding reach of social media, suggests that his net worth could continue to grow significantly in the coming years.

Philanthropy and Personal Life

Steve is also known for his philanthropic efforts, often giving away large sums of money to fans, friends, and strangers alike. These acts of generosity, frequently documented in his videos, have endeared him to his audience and broadened his appeal.

In his personal life, Steve is known to keep a relatively low profile, sharing glimpses of his life through his content but maintaining privacy regarding his family and close relationships.

Steve Will Do It, Girlfriend

Stephen Deleonardis, better known by his online persona “Steve Will Do It,” is not just known for his extreme stunts and viral videos, but also for his relationship with Celina Smith. Celina has become a familiar face to fans of Steve and the NELK Boys, often appearing in his videos and on his social media channels. Their relationship has garnered significant attention, with many fans curious about the dynamics between the couple.

Who is Celina Smith?

Celina Smith is an Instagram model and social media influencer. She has built a substantial following on her own, thanks to her stunning looks and engaging content. With her active presence on Instagram, Celina often shares lifestyle content, fashion photos, and moments from her life with Steve.

Relationship Timeline

Steve and Celina have been in an on-and-off relationship for several years. They started dating before Steve rose to fame with his YouTube channel and involvement with the NELK Boys. Steve and Celina have navigated a range of challenges and triumphs during their relationship, and Steve has actively chosen to share some of their most significant moments – both the highs and the lows – with his audience through his videos.

Despite the challenges, their relationship has remained a central aspect of Steve’s personal life. The couple’s chemistry and shared moments often add a personal touch to Steve’s otherwise wild and chaotic content.

Public Appearances and Collaborations

Celina frequently appears in Steve’s YouTube videos, adding a relatable and often humorous dynamic to his content. Steve and Celina regularly appear together in their vlogs, challenges, and pranks, with Steve often playfully teasing and pranking Celina, who good-naturedly endures his antics.

Their collaborations extend beyond YouTube, with Celina also featuring in Steve’s Instagram posts and stories. This visibility has made her a beloved figure among Steve’s fans, who enjoy seeing their interactions and shared experiences.

The Impact on Their Careers

Being in a relationship with a high-profile YouTuber has undoubtedly impacted Celina’s career as well. Her association with Steve has helped her gain more followers and increase her influence on social media. In turn, Celina’s support and presence in Steve’s life have added depth to his brand, making his content more diverse and engaging.

Private Life and Future Plans

While much of their relationship is public, Steve and Celina also value their privacy. They have managed to keep certain aspects of their personal lives away from the public eye, focusing on maintaining a healthy and balanced relationship amidst the pressures of fame.

As for their plans, the couple seems focused on supporting each other’s careers while navigating the challenges that come with being public figures. They will decide whether to continue sharing their journey with fans or to take a more private approach, and their choice will determine the level of public visibility they maintain.

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Steve Will Do It’s rise to fame and subsequent financial success is a testament to the power of social media and the influence of digital content creators. His unique brand of entertainment, combined with savvy business moves, has positioned him as a notable figure in the online world. As he continues to push boundaries and expand his brand, Steve’s net worth is likely to see further growth, solidifying his status as a digital entrepreneur and entertainer.